Whether you are looking to generate more traffic for your website with more inbound links, or you want to build your profile as a key influencer in your industry, our blogger outreach service can help.

Drawing on our expertise in media relations, Red Robot Media offers a comprehensive, cost effective service which will get your brand or business coverage in the best-read and most influential blogs relevant to your sector.

Our team offers a complete end-to-end service, from researching the blogs that matter most to your customers, to creating and placing content on your behalf.

We handle every aspect of the blogger outreach process, drawing on the media relations and content specialists in our team.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Much like traditional PR, blogger outreach is all about getting the name of your business and brand out there where it matters most – in front of potential customers and clients. Instead of focusing on building a profile in traditional media, blogger outreach focuses on gaining coverage in the most popular blogs relevant to your brand.

Today’s best bloggers are key influencers who attract large and loyal online audiences to their sites. Securing coverage in the leading blogs for your industry will help to grow your own online audience, drive traffic back to your site, raise your profile and encourage trust in your brand.

Blogger outreach can take a variety of different forms. It can be as simple as securing a mention or an endorsement on an influential blog, with a link back to your own website or social media profile. It can also mean securing publication of your own content, for example writing a guest blog post, or selling in your brand or business as the main focus of an article in its own right.

Our blogger outreach service covers all of these possibilities, taking full responsibility for building your brand online so you can focus on your business.

Complete Blogger Outreach Service

Red Robot’s team includes experienced PR professionals and qualified journalists. We can offer a complete end-to-end blogger outreach service.

From identifying the stories and unique qualities which will help to create attention in your brand, to identifying and liaising with the most influential blogs in your sector, through to drafting and placing content, we can take care of it all.

Many agencies offering blogger outreach services simply resort to emailing out press releases to a pre-agreed list of contacts, hoping some will stick. We do not work like that. We will actively research opportunities in all relevant blogs, building relationships with bloggers and leveraging your brand’s most saleable attributes to gain coverage.

We will also keep an eye out, using a keyword alert service, for any mentions your organisation or brand get in blogs. Bloggers will often use their platform to make recommendations to their readers or endorse a particular product or service they have benefitted from. While great PR in their own right, these incidental mentions can be made to work even harder for you, by asking the blogger in question to include a link back to your own website.

Our comprehensive blogger outreach service includes:

  • Identifying key bloggers relevant to your business or brand
  • Building and maintaining a contact list of key bloggers
  • Liaising with bloggers to build relationships and identify opportunities for coverage
  • Negotiating prices for paid content
  • Generating content ideas based on the best attributes of your brand
  • Working closely with your in-house marketing team to ensure all content fits in with your wider brand objectives
  • Drafting and securing approval for all placed content
  • Monitoring relevant blogs for any incidental mentions of your brand, and using that to place links back to your site and sell in follow up opportunities.
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