Since 2010, Red Robot Media has provided online content writing services for clients across the world. Thanks to the unique blend of expertise and experience in our team, we have built our reputation on outstanding quality in every sector we have worked in.

Quality of content matters. Hiring a professional writer to take care of your static web content, your blogs, your marketing materials and more adds real value to your business. With the skills and expertise they bring, a professional writer will boost your search rankings, help your site stand out from the crowd, and enhance your reputation.

This is where we can help. With a team of trained technical authors, journalists, professional copywriters and established business bloggers, we cater for all types of content creation you require for your business.

Flexible Freelance Writing Services

Unlike some agencies, we won’t tie you into long-term contracts. We offer all of our services on a freelance basis, so you get all of the benefits of a freelance writer with the stability and resource of an agency. But what are the benefits?

  • Complete cost transparency with pay-per-item billing. For the majority of content projects, there’s no minimum obligation. Book us when you want, for as much or as little work as you want.
  • Rapid turnaround times. Got an unexpected deadline to meet? We will do everything we can to fit you in.
  • Fewer conference calls. We like to keep things as straightforward as possible. We only arrange meetings if we really need to.

By working on a freelance basis, Red Robot Media is able to offer flexible, affordable business writing services that focus purely on meeting your needs and expectations.

Need professional content that makes a great impression?

Red Robot Media’s professional writers take pride in delivering clean, readable copy first time, every time. We take the time to check all drafts carefully to eliminate typos and errors, as we know the importance of getting the basics right in reputation building. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all copywriting. Every company and brand is different, and their websites, blogs, and social media pages need to reflect that unique identity. This applies to written content as much as it does to visual design. Our content writers offer a fully bespoke service. We will work closely with you to hit the right style and tone for your brand. and bring a touch of flair to your content, whatever the topic.

Need your website content to work harder for your business?

We’ll make your business blog the envy of your competitors, with well-researched, thought-provoking, articulate posts which will have readers coming back for more. Don’t worry if your topic of expertise is very niche or technical. We pride ourselves on producing outstanding results for every subject. Our diverse mix of skills means we can efficiently allocate writing projects to the best available writer. Want your written content optimised for SEO? With years of experience in online content creation, we know that quality, informative, engaging, clean copy is as important to securing high search engine rankings as it is for impressing your target audience. Our professional writers are experts at incorporating keywords and long-tail phrases in natural, free-flowing copy that does not compromise readability.

Looking for a specific copywriting service, or one-off resource for a special project?

Red Robot Media offers fully-researched ebooks, user guides, white papers, blogs, help videos, and scripts for speeches.

  • We don’t place restrictions on word count.
  • We offer full project visibility to our clients.
  • Our writers cover any topic.
  • There’s no need to commit to a long-term agreement until you’re ready.

Our team also combines a range of different specialisms, including technical writing, journalism, and content creation strategy. When a project overlaps multiple specialisms, the team works together to deliver exactly what you need.

Trying to find a professional editor to proofread and improve your content?

Customers, clients and search engines expect the highest standards in written online content. Spelling and grammatical errors, a lack of flow, and poor organisation of text will quickly put readers off and increase your bounce rate, damaging your rankings. Red Robot Media offers a freelance editing service for all types of written content. Our team has been trained to write to the highest professional standards, and our experience and expertise are available to add polish to your work. Whether it is blogs, ebooks, static web pages or any other type of content, we will proofread and edit your copy to eliminate errors and add a professional gloss to its structure, style, and flow.

Types of content explained

  • Blogs: A blog is one of the best ways to regularly refresh content on your company or brand website, and also add value for your audience with useful, entertaining articles. Our freelance blog writing service saves you the time having to write pieces on a regular basis while delivering a top-quality product to show off.
  • Static web pages: Most pages on your website will include text. The majority of the content on the likes of your home, about, and product or service pages will not change very often, so is known as static content. These are critical pages in helping customers or clients learn about your brand and make their decision whether to buy or not. Clear, readable, helpful copy that hooks the reader in is vital to converting page visits into sales. Trust our professional writers to produce static content that meets your marketing objectives and is optimised for search engines.
  • Ebooks: An ebook is any long-form text in electronic form. In business, ebooks are often offered as added value products available for download from a company website. Content-wise, they can be used for many different purposes, including how-to guides, market analysis, product specification, thought leadership and research reports. Red Robot Media offers copywriting services for ebooks on any topic, of any type and of any length.
  • Reports: If you have commissioned an original piece of research, our professional copywriters will turn your data into a high-quality, informative report to share with customers, clients, stakeholders, and colleagues. Alternatively, we can carry out desk research to write market and product reports from scratch.
  • User guides: Our experienced technical authors will help you produce user guides and data specifications for any product or service you require. We guarantee clean, concise, user-friendly copy which will help your customers make the most of their software or equipment.
  • Case studies: Celebrate your achievements with quality case studies highlighting examples of best practice, outstanding service and use cases for your products. Our content creation team will take charge of the process from start to finish, from interviewing clients to gaining approval from all parties. Case studies are an ideal way both to sell your brand to potential customers and strengthen business partnerships through shared promotion.
  • Media articles: Whether it’s for a blog, trade title, consumer magazine, or news site, Red Robot Media specialises in producing high-quality articles for external publications. With qualified journalists in our team, we have the expertise to create press releases, features, opinion and thought leadership pieces that grab attention and gain traction in your target media. With our professional article writers working for you, you can expect to see your PR profile rise rapidly.

If you’re interested in a type of business content we haven’t listed here, please get in touch to discuss your requirements with us.

Whatever type of content you need, whatever your topic, Red Robot Media offers a professional service with a focus on quality.

Business Writing Service FAQs

Do you create content for social media?

Yes. We will turn our hand to writing content for any type of online platform. We can, for example, write blogs and articles for your LinkedIn page, or help to craft your professional bio. Members of our team have professional experience in social media marketing, so we can also offer advice on strategy.

Can I put my own name on the articles you write?

Yes. All work you pay for is owned by you, so it is automatically “ghostwritten”, and you can use it how you wish. We provide a comprehensive ghostwriting service to many clients, writing blogs, opinion articles, thought leadership pieces, and speech scripts for them to use in their own name.

If I order an article from you, will it be optimised for search?

We work on the principle that well-written copy is naturally search engine-friendly . Elements like technical accuracy, structure, relevance, and value of the information will impress search engine algorithms as much as readers. We also understand the importance of SEO marketing and will create content to fit with your campaigns. We will work closely with you so your target keywords are included prominently in your content in a way which is natural and does not impact on readability.

If you’re interested in a type of business content we haven’t listed here, please get in touch to discuss your requirements with us.

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