Did you know that there’s such a thing as an exclamation comma?

Perhaps you were unaware that the snark is a mark that is used in text to indicate sarcasm? Maybe we can bring it back into common usage? (Insert snark here).

This blog post of obscure punctuation marks is fascinating: my favourite has to be the interrobang, simply because it has the best name. I was familiar with a few of these marks, but some of them are completely new to me.

From reading through the comments on this post, I also found a really useful copywriting resource: CopyPasteCharacter.com. OK, so not many copywriters have a need for inserting a peace sign or a smiley face into their text, but when I’ve been writing user guides or working on other technical authoring pieces, I’ve often needed the ‘tick’ character to place into a feature chart or similar.

If you’re not in possession of a modern keyboard, you may also struggle to easily type € – the currency sign for the Euro. If you’re not in the US, you almost certainly wouldn’t have a key marked ¢.

CopyPasteCharacter is a copywriting resource that’s well worth bookmarking: just click the character you want and it’s saved to the clipboard, ready to be inserted into the document you’re working on.

Follow this wonderful site on Twitter at @copypastechar. Here’s a shout-out for the source of the punctuation post, too: Buzzfeed on Twitter.

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