Camtasia Studio 8- Advanced Editing and Publishing TechniquesClaire Broadley and Mathew Dixon are trained, experienced technical authors. Their first book is titled Camtasia Studio 8: Advanced Editing and Publishing Techniques and is out now in paperback and on Kindle.

About Camtasia Studio 8: Advanced Editing and Publishing Techniques

Our first book, Camtasia Studio 8: Advanced Editing and Publishing Techniques, gives Camtasia Studio users advanced tips on consistency and style in their video content. It teaches Camtasia Studio users how to strike a balance between video content and added special effects. Users will learn how to efficiently script and record a voiceover, fade music tracks in and out and convert voiceover speech to text. Finally, users will be introduced to different formats and export resolutions.

With this book, video producers will discover exciting new ways to improve their video editing skills, plan recordings and produce video that the professionals would be proud of.

The book is available in paperback and as a Kindle ebook.

About Camtasia Studio 8

Camtasia Studio 8 is used to record action on screen, edit the resulting video footage and add a range of sophisticated effects. The software allows you to blend imported media with your video, create interactive content and share your results in a variety of formats.

Professionals use Camtasia Studio for e-learning (particularly training), marketing and creating business presentations. We’ve used it to produce training videos, how tos and video reviews.

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