Red Robot Media produces technical content for businesses all over the world. Based in Leeds, it is staffed by two freelance technical authors. Together, they have provided technical authoring services to a variety of clients over a five year period.

Red Robot Media produces technical website content, user documentation, SEO copy, brochures, eBooks and white papers. Its two copywriters are formally trained in technical writing techniques, as well as having extensive experience in writing for the web. Mathew Dixon has created documentation for many global, multinational brands, while Claire Broadley has written for prominent organisations like eBay, the Huffington Post and Dell.

In addition to written content, Red Robot Media also produces videos. We author video content in Camtasia Studio, and have jointly written a book on Camtasia Studio publishing techniques.

In all areas of content production, quality is our priority, and customer satisfaction our enduring goal. Our clients come back to us time and again because they know they can rely on us to get it right.

Why Hire a Freelance Technical Author?

Google wants to see quality content on your website, and your users want to see quality documentation. We offer value, consistency and a commitment to high standards. In an industry where many writers claim to be technically focused, we can prove our skills with training and qualifications, and a five-year history of providing quality freelance technical authoring services.

We’re different because:

  • We do not outsource (and we never have)
  • We’re easy to contact
  • We’re friendly, and work flexibly in a team
  • We invest in training and software, and keep abreast of new technology
  • We work tirelessly to keep costs down

Our Ethics

When you hire a technical author, you need a supplier you can trust in the long term. Our aim is to create positive relationships and inspire positive referrals. 

Because we work on a remote or contract basis, we can keep costs down without compromising on quality, punctuality or price. We can also provide on-site resource in technical authoring or content production, making us affordable, yet flexible too.

As a company, we invest in the most up-to-date technical authoring software on the market, including Madcap Flare. We test and document a range of hardware, and we use a spread of different operating systems to produce authentic, detailed documentation.

As individuals, and as a business, we donate to various children’s and animal charities. We sponsored Horsforth St Margaret’s U18s and make regular donations to Pounds for Poundies, a charity that saves thousands of unwanted dogs from being put to sleep every year.

Red Robot Media prides itself on being ethical, reliable and affordable. If you’re interested in working with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat about our freelance technical authoring services.