Red Robot Media is a UK content agency founded by two people who are passionate about high-quality writing.

Since 2010, we have produced web content, user guides, blogs, and more for clients worldwide.

Our customers include global IT brands, manufacturing companies, small businesses, affiliate marketers, and major terrestrial broadcasters.

You’ll find examples of our work on our portfolio page.

As the company has grown, we have expanded our writing services. But our team is still small. In order to create great content, we believe in making personal connections, and only hiring exceptional writers to work with us. Red Robot is not a content mill, and we have very high quality standards.

Content and Technical Writing Services

Our service catalogue is split into two categories: business content, and technical authoring:

  • Business writing services cover small business blogs, reports, and content for the web.
  • Technical authoring services cover documentation, help videos, and training material.

Red Robot Media has the unique advantage of pooling writers that span both types of content. So if you need website content to support users with technical topics, or you want technical blog posts that are engaging and readable, we can offer that blend.

Company History

Claire Broadley founded Red Robot Media at her kitchen table in 2010. Over the next year, she spent 60 hours a week writing website content and blog posts to get the company started.

Some of the clients that Claire found then still use us to produce their content today.

In 2014, Claire and Mathew rented a Portakabin on an industrial estate; Red Robot Media’s first real office. In 2016, the company moved to Titan House in Horsforth, where we successfully scaled up the company and took on some carefully-chosen freelance help to grow the business.

2018 marks a coming of age for the business as it builds on its existing client base and takes on more ambitious projects.

Claire Broadley and Mathew Dixon continue to seek new opportunities to produce content for businesses and make more contacts locally and globally. We continue to work with a very small number of hand-picked freelancers and subcontractors who share our passion for quality content, and have the exceptional writing skills that we look for in our team.

Content Pricing

Business content and technical content are priced differently. When you contact us, we can give you an overview of our writing prices:

  • Most copywriting, website content, and blogging work is priced at a flat rate per word. This allows clients to allocate their marketing budget according to the amount of content they need each week, or month.
  • For technical authoring services, and any large copywriting project, we charge an hourly fee.

Red Robot doesn’t use an hourly rate to hide costs or inflate prices. You can request a fixed price estimate for any project, and we’ll back this up with timesheets if you need us to. Once a quote is confirmed, this price will not change unless your project scope widens.

Alternatively, you can set a monthly cap for your content spend.

As a company, we believe in affordable pricing, which is why we keep overheads low. Most of our work is carried out in our own office, which cuts down on expenses for our clients.

Alternatively, we can work at your office, or you can visit us.

We don’t sign clients up to long-term contracts by default. We want you to work with us because you love our content — not because you are tied in, and have no choice. If you choose to hire us on retainer, or book blog posts weekly a few months at a time, we will offer you a discount on our usual rate as a thank you.

Our Ethics

Red Robot Media is a modern, digitally transformed, environmentally conscious business that believes in quality.

We also aim to be open and fair to our clients, suppliers, and freelance helpers.

While we cannot claim to get everything right, we try our hardest to make sure our clients are 100% happy. Our phone lines are always open if something isn’t quite hitting the mark. And when you call, you will be able to speak to the person directly responsible for your project so that everyone’s clear on what’s required.

Talk to Red Robot

If you’d like to discuss a copywriting, content, or technical user guide project, please telephone us for a chat on 0330 120 0113, or email [email protected]

There’s no obligation to proceed, and we won’t add you to any mailing lists when you enquire.

You’re welcome to come and visit us to discuss your content needs. Since our writers occasionally travel to client sites, please give us 24 hours’ notice of your visit.


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