Red Robot Media offers technical authoring services and quality documentation.

Our technical authors have documented a range of software and hardware, specialising in cloud and web apps.

We are based in the north of England. Our clients are located all over the world. Red Robot can complete your project remotely, or travel to your office to work on-site – even if you’re not in the UK.

Technical Authoring Services

Technical authoring involves the creation of help documentation. Good quality documentation helps users to get to grips with a product more quickly. Not only does this improve customer satisfaction, but it can help to cut down on the amount of resource you need to handle support.

Our technical authors produce documentation in a range of formats:
Technical Authoring Services

  • Word and PDF user guides, suitable for electronic distribution or printing
  • Online help, including responsive HTML 5, SEO web content and forum help content
  • Blogs, including both help and hero content for small businesses and technical companies
  • Context sensitive help in an application
  • eBooks designed for reading on a smartphone or e-reader
  • Videos that show a process in simple steps

Additional Technical Content Services

Our technical authors can also help with:

  • Technical proofreading and copy editing
  • Post-translation checks
  • Documentation audits
  • Conversion from Word to other formats, and vice versa
  • Ongoing updates and maintenance
  • Custom layouts
  • Madcap Flare and Madcap Contributor support

Madcap Flare is our preferred tool, because it allows us to single source. That means your documentation only needs to be created once, even if you need to use it in more than one manual.

For example, we can write a complete system user guide for your web application, then output a sub-section of that content in a Quick Start guide.

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Why Choose Us For Technical Authoring?

Red Robot has two technical authors, available for remote and on-site assignments.

Our technical authors have 12 years’ combined experience in producing help documentation for web and print.

We’re also formally trained in technical writing and web content writing, as well as service desk provision, ITIL and video production. Our writers also hold qualifications from Microsoft.

Our ultimate goal is to provide professional help content for small and medium sized businesses, at an affordable price point, and without the need to hire a permanent member of staff.

Our technical authors can work anywhere, and will work to meet your deadlines. There’s no minimum commitment; just hire us when you need us, or hire a technical author on retainer to get guaranteed resource.

As soon as your user guide is paid for, the copyright belongs to your business, and all of the authorship credits can be assigned to your team. You are free to alter, distribute and upgrade the documentation as you see fit. Alternatively, you can hire us to update it when the time comes.

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Technical Authoring FAQs

If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us for a speedy reply.

Who will write my user guide or manual?

Most of our documentation is produced by Mathew, an experienced technical author and Madcap Flare expert. Mathew has worked on everything from Quick Start guides to comprehensive system manuals.

Our technical content writer, Claire Broadley, offers additional resource for large projects. Claire and Mathew have co-written a Camtasia Studio guide for technical authors.

Unlike some companies, we do not secretly outsource our work. Your named writer is always available during office hours, in your own timezone, and is responsible for ensuring quality.

Where do your technical authors work?

Our technical authors can work on-site at your office, or remotely. Remote working offers considerable cost savings compared to on-site work, so we recommend this where it is practical.

Regardless of location, our technical authors carry out weekly reviews with all clients via phone or Skype. Red Robot also provides unlimited logins to our cloud project management tool, so you can see what’s happening and create tasks for us to complete.

Which documentation tools do you prefer?

Our preferred authoring tool is Madcap Flare, and we prefer Camtasia Studio for video work. If your organisation is already using a different tool, we can usually support it.

For website content, we author in any CMS, including helpdesks like Zendesk, or blogging software like WordPress. Our team has been using WordPress for more than a decade.

How do you bill for technical authoring services?

Where possible, we try to provide fixed or capped quotes for documentation. Invoices are provided monthly. To ensure rapid progress, we ask that invoices are settled on time.

If you opt for a retainer, your technical authoring service will be billed in advance.

What languages can you write in?

All documentation is provided British English only. We can provide translations for an additional fee.

Technical blogs can be provided in British English or American English.

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