What we’ve been up to: 1st June 2012

It’s been a mad week this week at Red Robot Media! We’re getting ahead of our workload before we take a short break, and both Mathew and I are rounding off as many projects as we can so we have time to relax and unwind.

Claire’s work this week


I’ve been doing my usual round of IT, gadget and cloud blogs and reviews this week, as well as taking on a few of Mathew’s regular blogs to give him time for his training course. I’m doubling up on some assignments because of the upcoming break, so it’s been quite a busy week and I’m expecting the same next week as well.


The website for 14Hive, a SharePoint consultancy in Leicester, is now online. It’s a framework for now, but we’ll be doing some more tweaks over time. I’ve also been setting up their Cpanel hosting, domain and email and inserting the SEO content I wrote for them a few weeks ago.

SEO copy and content

I’ve just finished off some content for Wish.co.uk which has been brilliant fun as always. I’ve also finished the first draft of web content for My Bag Hanger, a company who sell cute and innovative handbag hooks which help to combat pickpockets and keep precious bags away from grimy floors. Hopefully we’ll be working more with My Bag Hanger over the coming months.

I also completed some newsletter assignments for two companies this week, including our regular clients Parcel2Go.com.

Mathew’s work this week

Technical writing

Mathew’s been working with License Dashboard again this week. He’s also been on the Intermediate Technical Authoring course at Armada which he really enjoyed. We always enjoy visiting Armada, and I hope we’ll have time to blog more about their excellent training courses in the coming weeks.


Despite a busy schedule, Mathew’s completed his normal schedule of current affairs, finance and health-related blog posts. He’s also written some blogs on cloud computing.

Next week…

Both of us will be switching over to technical authoring next week. We’ll be condensing some rather lengthy user documentation for a help desk application, updating all the screenshots and turning the new, shiny user guide into handy WordPress help content with SEO keywords. This will take place alongside all our regular blogging and content assignments.

Other updates from Red Robot Media

We’re currently sending out client surveys ahead of our relaunch on 18th June, and we’re looking forward to kicking off projects with two new clients in the same week. Both Mathew and I love being busy, so we’re really looking forward to starting some new assignments.

Please bear in mind that we’ll be away from 9th to 16th of June, but we will be open throughout the Jubilee bank holiday if you need to get hold of us. If you’re lucky enough to have a long weekend ahead, have a great time!

What we’ve been up to: 18 May 2012

After a fairly mellow start to May it seems we’re right back in the thick of it with plenty of copywriting and technical writing work on the horizon. This is our favourite place to be!

Copywriting and WordPress work this week

I’ve been writing some web content for Emma at Chatoyancy, a development company based in Bristol. In addition, I’ve been setting up a new WordPress site for 14Hive, a Sharepoint consultancy. The work for 14Hive will almost certainly carry over into next week.

The remainder of my copywriting work this week has been regular weekly blogging assignments. We now have quite a few clients using this service, so this takes up around two days each week.

Technical writing this week

Mathew has been working on manual updates for License Dashboard this week. Their License Manager product is in the process of being revised with some major usability improvements. We’re expecting this technical writing work to take up most of Mathew’s time over the next few weeks.

I’ve been doing my usual blogging work for cloud computing review site Rated Cloud, although my attempts to review SimpleSignIn and RegsApp have fallen flat. Both companies asked us for a write-up, but neither has approved my request for a login, meaning I can’t follow up and actually cover the sites.

PS. My Evolven review for Rated Cloud was picked up and featured in the Evolven newsletter too.

PR work this week

Did you know we’re trialling a new PR service? We’ve teamed up with Sarah, a freelance PR consultant, and working in tandem on PR work for Love TEFL who are recruiting new teachers to go live and work in China. Love TEFL are dream clients: we always have something new and exciting to work on! We’re expecting to see the company in the national press in a few weeks’ time, and you might see Red Robot Media mentioned on some of the press releases.

I’ve also been beavering away on creating a Pinterest site for Love TEFL.

Any other business

We’re planning for a huge relaunch of our website and services in mid-June, just after we return from a short break. Watch out for more information. The new site looks amazing and will be a huge improvement on the one we have now.

Speaking of holidays: we will be away from 9th until 16th of June. Yes, we do work on holiday unfortunately, although we try to keep it to a minimum.

  • Any regular blogging work will be completed the week before we go for a seamless service.
  • If any copywriting or technical writing crops up between 9th and 16th June, please drop us a line and we will make sure it gets done in good time.

Finally, I’ve set up our copywriting portfolio on Pinterest. Have a look!

Copywriters: need some linguistic inspiration?

Copywriters are always searching for the perfect word or phrase to describe a concept or sell a product. Sometimes the perfect words are difficult to come by.

If you’ve ever needed a word to describe ‘a face badly in need of a fist’, ‘a beautiful girl viewed from behind’ or ‘the itchiness that overcomes the upper lip just before taking a sip of whiskey’, you’re in luck. Copywriters should take inspiration from this excellent blog post: 25 Handy Words That Simply Don’t Exist in English. Thanks to our favourite stationery store Present And Correct for alerting us to this post via their Twitter.

PS. One of our clients, LoveTEFL, are experts in teaching English. In fact, they are currently recruiting wannabe teachers who are taking their first steps towards teaching English overseas. If this post caught your eye and you have a love of language and travel, their free Supported Jobs programme might be of interest.

Please email us about freelance copywriting this week

I blogged last week about connecting to fibre broadband (particularly the woeful lack of information we got from various suppliers). Eventually we plumped for BT Infinity, but unfortunately our connection couldn’t be completed on Friday and we are now in limbo. We have plenty of freelance copywriting and WordPress work to get on with, but it’s a little tricky without a fixed internet connection.

This week, you may struggle to contact us by telephone; our VOIP service is intermittent. We are also struggling a little bit with videoconferencing, although we are using another connection for urgent meetings.

If you’ve been trying to telephone us about freelance copywriting work, it would probably be best to drop us a line with your telephone number and we will call you straight back (within office hours).

We’ll be back online next week when we get our new Virgin Media connection installed. Thanks for your patience!

Punctuation in website copywriting

Website copywriting is a tricky skill to master, and it’s not just about words, tone and composition. Punctuation can have a big impact on the credibility of your content marketing – or your entire website.

For example, look at this banner from a well-known SEO website. Do you think this looks professional?

As a website copywriter, the punctuation above contains two elements I actively avoid. One exclamation mark is bad enough: three is really pushing it. Also, the space between the words and the punctuation looks scruffy. When I look at that image, I assume this company haven’t paid a professional website copywriter to edit and improve their content.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given was to avoid the exclamation mark entirely in any kind of website copywriting. Although exclamation points are often used with the best intentions by website copywriting companies, they can actually detract from the message you’re trying to get across. They can make marketing messages seem hollow and contrived, and they can put off readers who would otherwise be interested in reading more.

Punctuation helps the reader hear your voice in the text. Badly placed punctuation can ruin perfectly good web content, and it can make your website appear amateurish. But how do you know how to use punctuation correctly? This post by Melanie Brooks gives a good overview of punctuation, particularly in reference to web content writing.

Use punctuation wisely!

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