Daily deals for small businesses?

This week, one of our copywriting clients put me onto a site called It's a new twist on the 'daily deals' concept. Each day, a new set of small business tools are offered to SMEs at a discount rate. I know lots of people are done with daily deals sites now: you only have to see our post about the TEFL Express course from Groupon to understand why customers are becoming sceptical. But it strikes me that the small business market is the ideal

Crowdity on Dragon’s Den this evening

We love working with Crowdity: their daily deals are really diverse and interesting, and despite being based in London, plenty of them are available for all of the UK to enjoy.Don't forget to tune in to Dragon's Den tonight to see Crowdity pitch to the dragons! It's on BBC2 at 9pm, with iPlayer following shortly after the show finishes.Good luck Crowdity!
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