Copywriters: need some linguistic inspiration?

Copywriters are always searching for the perfect word or phrase to describe a concept or sell a product. Sometimes the perfect words are difficult to come by. If you've ever needed a word to describe 'a face badly in need of a fist', 'a beautiful girl viewed from behind' or 'the itchiness that overcomes the upper lip just before taking a sip of whiskey', you're in luck. Copywriters should take inspiration from this excellent blog post: 25 Handy Words That

6 social media tools for freelance article writers (and their clients)

As freelance article writers, we’re often asked to write blog posts and manage WordPress comments for our clients. We also look after social media accounts, making sure web content and blogs are well-publicised in order to trigger viral shares. It takes time to write content, and it takes even more time to stay on top of lots of different accounts and ensure you’re using them all in the right way. There are no shortage of tools for the job, but here are si

GoCardless Paylinks: Finally, a PayPal Alternative?

GoCardless Paylinks: Finally, a PayPal Alternative?
 £50 credit towards GoCardless fees: simply use our referral link. I've had an eBay account since 2002 (yikes!), so I was a very early adopter of PayPal. Although I think they've improved over the last couple of years, I still don't really like to use the service. In my experience, their refund and dispute policies are questionable, their fees are extortionate and their support is pretty dire. We've been looking for an alternative for a long time, an

Apple marketing: why is it always 9:41am?

Have you ever wondered why it's always 9:41am at 1 Infinite Loop - at least as far as the iPhone is concerned? I won't steal the poster's thunder by telling you here. Instead, read the original post over on Quora. There's also a short explanation on Gizmodo, including some details about why some devices show 9:42 instead. I haven't yet got into Quora, but this kind of reply makes me think I should!

Red Robot blog for Olark

Here's another new blog post I wrote for! This time, it's for the Olark website: Using Customer Service to Boost Your Conversion Rate. The fun of being an article writer is in the sheer diversity of topics I get asked to cover. This was a particularly enjoyable one to write. I hear have temporarily sold out of their massively popular Zombie Boot Camp experience, but they're in the process of launching a brand new zombie day out for f
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