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Articles not Adwords: 5 reasons to invest in your blog

April 11th, 2012
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Over the last year, we’ve experimented with a combination of Google Adwords and regular blogs to promote Red Robot Media. Despite the obvious benefits of pay-per-click marketing, we’ve found that investing time in our own blog has been far more beneficial in terms of attracting new customers. It seems that many of our clients are also trimming down their Adwords or PPC spend, ploughing the money into blogs instead.

We’re always happy to take on the work, of course – the more web content writing assignments the better, as far as we’re concerned! But here are a few reasons why our clients often prefer to hire article writers rather than increasing their PPC spend.

Hiring an article writer is quick and easy

If you’ve spent money on Adwords, chances are you spent more time and money than you intended to […]

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5 reasons to choose a specialist website copywriter

February 15th, 2012
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If you need a copywriter to write your web content, you’ll have no shortage of choice. There are thousand of copywriting companies out there, and each has their own speciality. Copywriting is a very broad topic that encompasses everything from direct mail sales and marketing through to app copywriting and user guides. On the remote end of the scale, you’ll find technical copywriting (or technical blogging).

No one copywriter is good at everything. Here are five reasons why you should ensure your choose a copywriter that specifically works on web copy for your content project.

1. Writing for the web

A good website content writer will be trained in writing for the web (I did a course at Leeds University – there are other courses out there). It’s a very specialised way of writing and phrasing text to make […]

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Are your copywriting quotes too expensive?

January 27th, 2012

We’re really excited that our work schedule is filling up in February and March. Lots of new clients have come to us for good quality blog writing services and web content. Many have told us they are relieved to find a content creation company that gives a personal service, having been duped into paying for cheap or unusable copy on a freelancer site.

When investigating some of these sites, I was shocked to find that some charge as little as £1.50 for 500 words. The clients who pay these awfully low prices seem to fall into two categories. Half are genuinely surprised that the articles they receive register in Copyscape with 50% plagiarism (normally from Wikipedia). The other half don’t know where else to hire a copywriter, so they bid up and up in good […]

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Claire’s article for Lifehacker

January 11th, 2012

Over the last few months, I’ve been blogging for a range of websites on behalf of, an experience and gift website. I worked with the team to create content for a range of high-profile sites in the UK and US.

Tackling such a wide range of subjects was really fun and challenging; I’d never know which site was going to accept a blog proposal next. Writing for a US audience also makes a difference to the language, research and cultural reference points I had to use.

It was a phenomenally busy end to the year, but I produced some of the work I’m most proud of. In December, my writing was published on the Eventbrite blog. I’m very pleased with that article; I’ve used Eventbrite a few times recently and I think it’s such a great idea. In fact, in my time as a non-profit gig promoter Eventbrite could […]

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