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Technical Writing Software: Madcap Flare or RoboHelp?

December 20th, 2011

TWTWhen it comes to technical authoring tools, there are two main choices: Madcap Flare or RoboHelp.

We’re trained in both, but the decision on which one to purchase was actually fairly easy. We selected Madcap Flare – even though we both work on Macs – and we’ve never looked back.

It makes our job as technical writers so much easier.

Why We Chose Madcap Flare Over Adobe RoboHelp

Technical writing tools don’t come cheap, and annoyingly, they don’t often appear for the Mac in a usable form. After trying a few cheap Mac alternatives (and a few cheap Windows alternatives too), we decided to invest in the best and grab extra copies of Parallels and Windows 7 to make sure we could always work in Windows when we need to.

My four year old iMac is not too happy about running Parallels with Windows 7, […]

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Now booking technical writing assignments for January 2012

December 13th, 2011
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Christmas is creeping up on us fast: we’ve barely had time to buy any gifts because we’re working hard to get ahead with our copywriting and technical writing assignments. Red Robot also now has an additional freelance copywriter on board; he’s helping us to finalise a few odds and ends so we can enjoy a few days in front of the TV next weekend.

As a result of all this hard work, we are now taking on new clients and booking in brand new projects from January 2nd onwards. If you’ve contacted us for a quote but have not yet finalised the details, now’s the perfect time to get your SEO copywriting or blogging project booked in for the New Year. That way, we can kick things off right away when we return from work.

We are also ready to take […]

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National Freelancers Day

November 23rd, 2011
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Today is National Freelancers Day!

If you’re looking to hire a freelancer for copywriting, technical authoring or screencasts, don’t forget to contact us for a quote.

Jump over to my People Per Hour profile to have a look at the copywriting and technical authoring work I’ve completed so far. You can also find testimonials from non-People Per Hour clients on our testimonials page.

Oh, and fancy voting for us in the People Per Hour competition?

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One extra writer: one week in!

November 21st, 2011
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Our first week as a two-person technical authoring team has gone phenomenally well. Mathew has been writing manuals and creating screencasts, and he’s fallen into the new routine really quickly. We’re  going to make some changes to the website soon so we can make our Camtasia screencasts a more prominent service. He’s beginning a second Camtasia screencast project tomorrow afternoon, too; it’s great to expand into an area we’ve not yet explored properly. Camtasia is definitely a fun application to work with!

We also have some wonderful new copywriting clients: Beau Decor provided the wonderfully opulent shabby chic and French furniture to the Big Brother house this year. We’re thrilled to be working with them, creating content and assisting with re-writes. We’re also doing some technical authoring work around cloud software offerings from […]

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Our technical authoring and copywriting prices

October 3rd, 2011
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From 12th November, Red Robot Media will be changing our base price for copywriting. We will also alter some of our pricing tiers for technical authoring and screencast work.

If you have an estimate or email quote, the price quoted will expire on 11th November, 2012.

Please book any outstanding copywriting and technical authoring work in as soon as possible if you wish to secure the price you’ve already been given.

Click here to contact us and confirm your project.

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