Our technical authoring and copywriting prices

From 12th November, Red Robot Media will be changing our base price for copywriting. We will also alter some of our pricing tiers for technical authoring and screencast work.

If you have an estimate or email quote, the price quoted will expire on 11th November, 2012.

Please book any outstanding copywriting and technical authoring work in as soon as possible if you wish to secure the price you’ve already been given.

Click here to contact us and confirm your project.

Available for copywriting

Six months ago I took on some casual part-time technical authoring jobs in order to help fund home improvements. In 2011 so far, the accidentally formed, hastily grown young copywriting company grown and grown, purchasing more Apple technology than Stephen Fry. (Well, almost). It has been an insane six months. The ambition I had of hitting the Top Ten freelancers on People Per Hour became a reality twice, in July and August, and we won the Top Jobs award on People Per Hour too.

Three very large copywriting projects have ended this week, and as such, our schedule is opening up. We are still getting lots of enquiries about SEO copywriting services, and we’re pleased to say we can now book these in more promptly. We are also putting some changes in place to ensure our schedule is tightened up and our turnaround times for copywriting and technical authoring are improved.

I have invested in new equipment and have changed the way we book copywriting work in to allow us more flexibility. (Thanks to my sister, a wise project manager, for her free consultancy!). Regular clients should see turnaround times reduced by up to half what they have been in the last two months, and in turn, we should not need to use freelance help as often. This will help us keep an even firmer grip on turnaround time.

Just to warn our regular clients: we will have reduced availability at the end of next week as we’re having some time off for special occasions. Myself and Mathew have both our birthdays and our anniversary on the same day – it’s surely the ultimate in efficient holidaying. Please feel free to send gifts of stress balls, caffeinated drinks and masseurs to our new address.

Red Robot wins two more awards on People Per Hour

This morning we awoke to find Red Robot had won two awards on People Per Hour! I had been monitoring the Top Ten Freelancers board hoping we would win a prize, but we also won a second award which we weren’t expecting.

First off, we again came 7th in the Top Ten Freelancers list for August, having hit the number eight spot in July. In both months I was the highest ranked copywriter and/or technical author out of 146,000 freelancers working through the site. I would post the rosette, but the site only seems to allow me to generate one for July which is a shame. Nonetheless, you can see the award on the Top Ten Freelancers for August page, and on my People Per Hour profile page. The August rosette has replaced the July one!

We also won the silver award in the Top Jobs category, as we are working on the second most valuable contract currently in progress on the People Per Hour website. This is an award I haven’t yet come across, so it was a very nice surprise to win it. I’m secretly hoping we’ll hit gold in this category one day – time will tell.

Huge thanks to our freelancers Christine, Heather and Lyndsey and also to my co-director Mathew. All of us have worked really hard in August; Red Robot could not have won these awards without their help.

This week’s work

The week’s coming to a close, and I am working hard to try finalise a project for the weekend: if I do, I get tomorrow off! A day off is a rare occurrence for me, but will hopefully become more normal from Monday when Red Robot becomes a full time copywriting and technical authoring company.

This week I have worked on a massively varied range of copywriting projects, from SEO finance and health article writing to fun pieces about dogs and puppies. Today I’m concentrating on web content and reviewing yesterday’s screencasts and training videos. I’m currently trying out a new screencast product called BB Flashback which is really enjoyable to use.

From Monday Mathew and I will be picking up the pace with existing projects. Although my calendar is booked up for two months, I’m hoping to be able to pull all my deadlines right back and create space for new projects fairly quickly. Being able to concentrate on a piece all day, instead of snatching evenings and weekends to work on things, should mean a more consistent and efficient approach and a more speedy throughput for existing clients. I’m also hoping to expand the website with details of our WordPress consultancy and support services; we are working with a new client on their brand new WordPress site in early September which I’m really looking forward to.

Mathew and I plan to standardise our entire pricing structure shortly and we’re hoping to bring an online quote facility to the site in the coming weeks. For now, though, simply email us for a quote.

Open full time from August 22nd!

If you’re already a client, you probably received one of our lovely Moo cards this week; we wanted to spread the word and let everyone know that we’re open full-time from Monday for SEO copywriting and technical authoring assignments. Here they are if you missed out!

So far in 2011 we’ve come on in leaps and bounds as a company. I have already reduced my hours at my ‘normal’ job to take on more writing assignments. The time finally came to leave, though, and today is my last day.

I’ve really enjoyed working there – I started in April 2009 and I was elated. It was the job I had always wanted!  I’ve been very fortunate to work with a lovely bunch of people, and it’s a real shame to leave that behind. However, it seemed like the right time to run Red Robot full-time and try to build the business further than I could on a part-time basis.

So: please get in touch for a quote if you are looking for a copywriter for your new online store or blog, or you need some help documentation for your software. From Monday, I’ll be available full time with Mathew and four freelancers backing me up. Now all we need is an excuse to get some more of those pretty Moo cards printed!

(In other news, Mathew passed his Service Desk Institute exam with flying colours this week and is now a qualified Analyst! We’re going to play some mind-bending ‘Cosmic Golf’ tomorrow to celebrate.)

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