Here’s another new blog post I wrote for! This time, it’s for the Olark website: Using Customer Service to Boost Your Conversion Rate. The fun of being an article writer is in the sheer diversity of topics I get asked to cover. This was a particularly enjoyable one to write.

I hear have temporarily sold out of their massively popular Zombie Boot Camp experience, but they’re in the process of launching a brand new zombie day out for fans of all things undead. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something unique for your loved one(s) this Valentine’s Day, how about a Romantic Break for Three?

Neither of us have updated the blog this week as we’ve been so busy. I also missed the chance to post this new guest post link last week when it first went online, simply because we’re dedicating all our time to processing work as quickly as we can. We have a fair few concurrent projects running, and it’s nice to be busy after a fairly quiet start to 2012.

If you’re thinking of kicking off a copywriting or web content project soon, or you need to hire us to write for you, we’ve posted a few handy hints on our Get a Quote page which will help you get started.

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Claire Broadley

Technical writer, blogger, and editor at Red Robot Media
Claire Broadley is CEO at Red Robot Media and Lead Editor at She is a professional tech blogger writing for a range of publications on online privacy, consumer technology, and small business services.
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