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May 19th, 2015

7460433282_a4bfb72040_oRed Robot Media has expanded over the last four years, and we produce a diverse range of content types, from manuals and white papers to videos and training. Despite that, the humble blog post is still our most popular product, and we spend more than half our time blogging for businesses around the world. is a new website that makes content ordering easier, faster and safer. It’s brand new!

Here’s how Articly works:

  1. Simply select the content type and quantity to get an instant quote: no emails, no calls, no live chat.
  2. Happy with the price? Check out and pay using PayPal, card or Bitcoin.
  3. We deliver your blogs ASAP.

All of the content ordered through Articly is written by Mathew or Claire here at Red Robot Media. We expect to take on more writers in time. When we do, we’ll maintain the exceptionally high standards that […]

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Black Friday 2014: Deals for Bloggers

November 28th, 2014

We’ve collected a few of this weekend’s best deals for bloggers and webmasters. Take a look below.

Media Temple

Black Friday deal: Get your first month’s VPS hosting for $10

Media Temple is offering a one-off discount on its Virtual Private Server (VPS) plan, normally $30 per month. Note that this is unmanaged hosting, but it includes SSD storage for speed. You will get 2 GB RAM and 2TB bandwidth included. Media Temple is owned by Go Daddy, but still operates as an independent brand.


Black Friday deal: 50% off shared, VPS and dedicated hosting

BlueHost is offering half price hosting on a variety of plans. You’ll have to sign up for a year, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. The deal ends on Cyber Monday.


Black Friday deal: 55% off hosting

HostGator’s bringing its costs down even further with 55% off hosting until Cyber Monday. You don’t need a coupon: […]

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How to Safely Republish Content From Your Blog

September 24th, 2014

Content is a big investment for small businesses. The days of paying 50p per article are (thankfully) behind us, and good quality content is enriching the web thanks to an increased spend on good writing. The quest for original content has resulted in fewer plagiarised posts, too, which is good news for the people who are paying for the posts.

Copying contentBut you can only purchase a certain number of pieces per week, and higher quality inevitably means investment. Many of our clients need to post guest blogs to build authority, while also gaining traction by populating their own blog.

Without rewriting every single piece of content, it can be difficult to decide which content would be best suited to each destination.

This leads us to a logical question: is duplicate content an issue with republishing, or can you safely republish that killer blog post more than […]

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15 Ways to Make Technical Blogs More Shareable

September 19th, 2014

As a technical writer, I’m trained to create documents that are ‘pure’. Software user guides a good example. When writing a user guide, it’s bad practice to weave marketing content into the text. You should simply provide guidance and instruction.

giving an idea bulbWeb content writing is completely different. It’s less structured. More conversational. And often, it allows the writer to express their own view. If you don’t make web content accessible, people won’t care enough to share it.

In content marketing, the ultimate goal is to get incoming links in a natural and organic way. That means sharing is still vital.

In order to do content marketing well, our clients need a high level of technical accuracy with the right amount of promotional content or editorial comment. Time and again, clients tell me that their writers struggle to blend these two disparate content types. I want to look […]

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Why Your User Guide Needs a Style Guide Too

September 18th, 2014

Editing is arguably the most important process of technical authoring, and the one that takes up most of our time.

I’m a technical author, and I find editing quite challenging when we have several projects on the go at the same time.

Every company has their own branding guidelines; some also have special terms or acronyms that they use. Often, the rules and preferences for the editing process overlap from client to client, and we need to know everyone is getting what they asked for.

The Editing Process

When we edit a technical document, we might simply correct a procedure or document a new feature. The edit may coincide with a new release of the software, so we might just tweak a few screenshots.

TypewriterTechnical editing also includes bigger changes:

  • Alterations to the structure of documents
  • Changes to product specifications
  • Branding changes
  • New fields in forms
  • New annotations for images
  • Language changes (such as British English to American English)
  • Changes to […]
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