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Outsourcing Your Blog to the Perfect Writer: Part 1

February 23rd, 2017

The way businesses market their businesses is maturing every day. Content is the undisputed king of online marketing. Instead of simply bombarding audiences with sales messages, companies are now advised that producing interesting, engaging content is more likely to gain traction with potential customers. Outsourcing your blog can help you to do that.

Blogging started out as a mode of do-it-yourself publishing for enthusiasts keen to share their passions with the world. But it’s now part of the digital marketing armoury for the majority businesses that are serious about building their online presence.

Blogs are a simple and cheap way to create content intended to interest the reader, pulling in traffic and marketing your company. And for many businesses, outsourcing keeps the blog ticking over.

Some business owners can be sceptical […]

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Fight Brexit: Become an e-Resident of Estonia

June 30th, 2016
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One week ago, I applied to become an e-resident of Estonia, in the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. You may feel positive or optimistic now that the dust is settling, but you’d have to agree: UK businesses are heading into a prolonged period of uncertainty. Depending on the way you run your business, e-residency may be an option worth exploring.

ID cardEstonia launched its e-residency programme in 2014. It may help you to retain some of the important benefits we may lose when the UK finally exits the EU. You may want to register now; equally, it may be sensible to wait. We’ve already registered, just in case.

Before You Apply for E-Residency

If you’re unsure about the impact of a political decision on your business, ask your accountant for their advice. Ours was quick to point out that we […]

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How to Sprout a Series of Blogs From Just One Idea

May 9th, 2016
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Ideas sproutingBrainstorming blog topics is not easy. I can state that confidently, after more than 6 years’ experience as a business blogger. Some businesses provide me with blog topics; some ask me to formulate them on their behalf. It can be difficult to come up with a constant stream of ideas, even if you do it for a living.

Sprouting blog topics is a good way to give your blog a cohesive theme, even if you don’t have time to develop a full content strategy with your SEO advisor, or freelance blogger. It’s also an efficient way to brainstorm for new content ideas, since you devise topics ‘in the moment’ as you write. (Not in a meeting, when you’re under pressure.)

I sprout topics in a hierarchical way. I write the core article, and then build satellites around it. I then launch blog posts in a carefully […]

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We’re Moving Our Copywriting Services to Horsforth

March 17th, 2016
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SuitcaseIt’s time for us to grow, and move on. Yesterday, Claire celebrated 5 years working as a technical copywriter for Red Robot Media. In May, we’ll be packing our bags and moving all of our technical copywriting services to a larger base in Horsforth, in north Leeds.

We’ve lived in the Leeds area for over 10 years, and we’re proud to have sponsored Horsforth St Margarets U17 football team. The move to a Horsforth office will place us closer to our local community, while giving us the space and facilities we need to grow.

Our new office is ideally located within a couple of minutes’ walk of Horsforth railway station. We’ll be able to quickly travel to our copywriting clients in Leeds, Harrogate and beyond, while staying close to Leeds Bradford Airport for site visits further afield.

If you’re an existing client, please change our contact details […]

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Merry Christmas: our opening hours this week

December 19th, 2015
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As Christmas approaches, we’d like to thank all the businesses we worked with this year. Mathew and I are very privileged to do the job we love. Our clients have kept us in steady employment for more than five years now, and we hope to offer business writing services for many more years to come.

We will be closing on Christmas Eve to spend time with family, and we’ll return on December 27. We then plan to offer normal service on weekdays. If you have an urgent need for content over the festive period, contact us for a quick turnaround.

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